Rockology du 21 Avril 2021


Playlist  » Baroque ‘n pop à l Anglaise »

1-Rockin Berries: Barterers and their wives ( Left Banke cover’s)

2-The Zombies: Smokey day

3-Pretty things: growing in the wind

4-Tudor lodge: Two step back

5-Jade :raven

6-bill Fay: doris comes today/

7- Duncan browne: on the bombsite ( demo version)

8- Honeybus: she sold blackpool rock/

9- Nirvana: lord up above

10- Philamore lincoln: the north wind blew south/

11- Barry booth: Vera Lamonte

12-Ronnie Burns : all the kings horses (cover des Bee Gees)/

13- Vigrass and osborne: ballerina/

14 Jawbone: brave white knight

Réalisation : Campus / Louis Hoos

Date de publication : 2021-04-21


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