Rockology 13/10/2021

                              Vanguard et ses perles de Folk Psyché , de heavy Psyché  de 1967 à 1974
1-robbie Dasho: Rose and gold
2-Serpent power: Ups and downs
3- Country joe and the fish: Superbirds
4- Elisabeth :field of home
5-Circus  Maximus: Travelling Around
6-31st Of February: a Nickel worth of Bernie’s help
7- Far Cry: Hellbound
8- Note  from the underground: why did you put me on
9- Listening : See you again
10-Third Power : Gettin together
11- The frost: Big Time Spender
12-Marc Jonson : Munich

Réalisation : Campus / Rockology

Date de publication : 2021-10-13


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