Rockology 05/01/2022

Playlist  » Palmares Musical de Rocko pour 2021″
Reedition de l’année
1- The Beach Boys : Long promise road ( Reedition de Surf Up / Sunflower)
Label de L’année : Big Stir Rcds
2- Spygenius: Paper sun : Love only sleepin
3- Chris Church: Know
4-Sorrows: Christabelle
5-The Stan Laurels : of love wine and song
6- THe Bablers: Psychadilly circus ( Arto Tamminen) /
7- Dolph Chaney: Beat it/
8- The Corals Faceless angels
9- The Lilys: Generator/
10-The misunderstood: Children of the sun/
11 Gypsy: What makes a man a man/
12- China crisis: Gift of freedom/
Necro :Hommage à Charlie watts 13_ The rolling stones : My obsession

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Date de publication : 2022-01-05


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